Old Fashioned Custard Soft Serve

We serve "Upstate" brand Custard Soft Serve ice cream, a noticeably richer, creamier,
hard to find soft serve ice cream.  You CAN taste the difference !

Vanilla, Chocolate, or Twist Soft

Serve in Five sizes

These Soft Serve Flavors Available In One Size
Cotton Candy • Bubblegum • Banana • Cheesecake • Espresso
Pistachio Nut • Pumpkin • Blueberry • Black Cherry • Amaretto
Pina Colada • German Chocolate • Butter Pecan • Strawberry • Almond
Peanut Butter • Coconut • Tutti Fruitti • Black Raspberry • Kahlua
Blackberry • Creme de Menthe •  Orange • Lemon

Soft Serve Yogurt available in Black Raspberry or a combination twist of
black raspberry yogurt and vanilla soft serve Dole Whip

Looking for Fat Free Soft Ice Cream !!
Ask for Dole Whip Soft Serve Ice Cream

Fat Free
Gluten Free
Cholesterol Free
Lactose Free / Dairy Free

Dole Whip Soft Serve Ice Cream does contain sugar.  Only 180 calories per cup
Available in all flavors and may be used to make sundaes, banana splits, etc.
Nutritional information card available at Lickety Split Ice Cream Shoppe.

Gifford's Premium Hard Ice Cream

We searched for the highest quality hard ice cream and found Gifford's brand from the state of  Maine to be exceptionally rich
with a variety of flavors not found in this area.  You deserve the best, "Taste the Difference".

Hard Ice Cream Flavors
(Available in one scoop, two scoops, or three scoops)

Blue Ribbon Strawberry - Strawberry flavored bursting with real strawberries
Butter Pecan - A creamy butter flavored ice cream with fresh roasted pecans
Caramel Caribou - Luscious toffee, rippled caramel, with chocolate caramel cups
Chocolate Lovers Chocolate - Deep, rich chocolate ice cream with chocolate truffles,
chocolate cake crunch and fudge ripple
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup - Chocolate ice cream with waves of peanut butter throughout
Cookie Dough - Premium vanilla loaded with big chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough and
plenty of chocolate chips
Maine Deer Tracks - Rich Espresso with heath bar candies and chocolate fudge
Maine Maple Walnut - Natural maple flavored ice cream with  English walnuts
Maine Wild Blueberry - Wild blueberry ice cream with a blueberry ripple
Mint Chocolate Chip - Green peppermint ice cream with dark chocolate chunks
Moose Tracks - Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups and moose tracks fudge
Old Fashioned Vanilla - Award winning ice cream made with real vanilla
Rocky Road - Marshmallow twists through chocolate ice cream with almonds
Strawberry Cheesecake - Strawberry fruit swirled through cheesecake ice cream
Toasted Coconut - Coconut flavored, with chocolate toasted coconut flakes
Rainbow Sherbet - 99% fat free and contains natural fruit purees
Raspberry Ripple - No Fat / No Sugar added ice cream, sweetened with "Splenda"
Chocolate Peanut Butter Low Fat Yogurt - Chocolate yogurt laced with peanut butter ripple
and mini peanut butter cups 

A Flurry is soft serve ice cream blended with your choice of one of the following:
Butterfinger • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough • Snickers • Heath Bar • Oreo Cookies
Nestle's Crunch • Peanut Butter Cups • Reeses Pieces • M&M's
Try our Cheesecake Flurry- Cheesecake ice cream blended with chunks of real
New York Cheesecake including the graham cracker crust

Classic Hot Fudge • Hot Carmel • Strawberry • Blueberry • Peanut Butter 
 Pineapple • Raspberry • Butterscotch 

Lickety Split's Special Sundaes

Brownie - Soft serve of choice, fudge brownies, topped with hot fudge, whipped cream,
sundae nuts and a cherry
Mexican - Soft serve of choice, topped with chocolate syrup, spanish peanuts
whipped cream and a cherry
Turtle Supreme - Soft serve of choice, topped with hot caramel and hot fudge, delicious pecan halves,
 whipped cream, sundae nuts and a cherry
Oreo - Soft serve of choice, topped with chocolate syrup, crushed Oreos,
 whipped cream and a cherry
Peanut Butter Cup -  Soft serve of choice, topped with real peanut butter, chopped peanut butter cups,
whipped cream, sundae nuts and a cherry
S'mores - Soft serve of choice, topped with graham crackers, chocolate syrup, marshmallow,
whipped cream, sundae nuts and a cherry
Snickers - Soft serve of choice, topped with hot fudge, chopped snickers bars,
whipped cream and a cherry
Strawberry Shortcake - Soft serve of choice, surrounded by Nila wafers, strawberry topping,
whipped cream, sundae nuts and a cherry
Doggie (pets only) - Vanilla ice cream topped with a small milkbone biscuit